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On 5/30/2008 Kelly wrote...
Hi Alison, It has been a long time since I have seen you perform. Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow at the Flying Bison! In case you don't remember me, I WORE out your Like Being Born Cd, and you were kind enough to give me another. Peace, Kelly
On 5/23/2008 Dan DAlessandro wrote...
I was back home last weekend and by chance, went to Roz's in Hamburg with a good friend of mine.. I heard of Alison but never saw her. I must say, I was hooked.. Alison is a rocker.. Needless to say, I picked up a couple CDs and listened to them all the way back to Chicago. I will make sure I try to see APB again when I get back sometime this summer.. meanwile, AP, keep on rocking! I had a great time.
On 5/30/2008 7:41:16 PM alison wrote:
thanks dan - glad you like the cd's -- say hello to chicago for us!
On 5/4/2008 Gabby wrote...
Sorry, just read your band's bios. Natalie-Ted Nugent??????? Bobby McFerrin??????????????? She really is the mailman's.................
On 5/4/2008 Gabby wrote...
On 4/11/2008 Scott&Danny wrote...
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ALISON!!! We hope you have a great b-day weekend...and that Etta James tomorrow is a part of your celebration! s- & d.
On 4/7/2008 Rachel Sweet wrote...
Saw the excellent review of Tigerbabies in Curve Magazine! Rock on sister! Can't wait til you play NYC again!
On 3/29/2008 Dutko wrote...
Alison Pipitone AND flying Bison!! Woot!...I had one of the first prototype canisters of that delicious brew, and it was the absolute best beer I ever had...I am a little confused about the time...12 AM ?? Is that Friday Morning, a midnight tour perhaps...or did you mean noon Saturday? ~Mark
On 3/30/2008 4:47:00 PM ap wrote:
hey mark - we haven't set the time yet - we think it will be in the afternoon/evening - but details to follow - check back next week - and you're right about the beer!
On 4/6/2008 6:31:29 PM AP wrote:
just to follow up - time on this event is 4 - 7 pm....see "schedule" for details!
On 4/9/2008 3:42:38 AM Dutko wrote:
Thanks Alison...I dug out my Pipitone discs and made a cardio song list on my ipod to help work off the extra flying bison calories - cheers! ~Mark
On 5/17/2009 10:32:53 PM nick_alsits wrote:
On 3/23/2008 Jessica Pipitone Stanek wrote...
Just sittin' here reading about breast exams and naturally I thought of you... my breast sister in the world ;) When are you gonna play New Haven?? Love the website updates!
On 3/23/2008 8:14:12 PM AP wrote:
jess - thanks for going to nursing school, becoming a midwife, letting me visit you, thereby bringing so many nurses into my life.
On 3/21/2008 Scott wrote...
Does it really count as a Friday if we can't see the APB at Sportsmen's?! Do we really have to wait until May???
On 3/5/2008 A. Pipitone wrote...
Do any of you have suggestions for the website?? What links should I add? Thanks to all
On 3/6/2008 10:26:29 PM randy wrote:
As a Heritage player, how about a link to the heritageownersclub (and/or heritage guitar site)?
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